Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unexpected Visitor

We had an unexpected visitor this morning for breakfast...

Surprisingly, he didn't eat very much.  :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Artists

We had another cold winter day here in Indiana which means we were inside (AGAIN) enjoying the day.  I asked the girls if they wanted to doing some painting and I got a great big YES MOMMY, OH YES.  Point taken!! 

So... I got out the drop cloth, paper, paint brushes, tons of paints, and of course their oh-so-cute matching smocks from IKEA.  (I love IKEA!  Have I ever told you guys that before?  Ha!) 

Let the painting begin.

Ready to paint.  I can't wait to see
what kind of materpiece she paints.

What will it be...
A smiley face
an apple
or a pretty Valentine heart.

My little artists.

It's a pretty apple.
Great job Caroline!

Wow, that's alot of paint.

They also they made this for me...
to clean up!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Makenzie's surgery at Riley

On Friday, January 15th, our youngest daughter Makenzie was admitted to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis to have a Right Ureturalectomy & Right Uretural Reimplant.  What is that you ask?  Basically she had the two ureters on her right kidney connected together and place correctly into her bladder.  This has been an issue since before Makenize was born.  We have been to Riley off and on since her birth for various tests and consultations with our pediatric urologist, Dr. K.  The day finally arrived and we headed off to Riley for a weekend getaway, so to speak. 

Mommy & Makenzie in the surgery waiting area.
Poor baby had no idea what was about to happen. 

Very upset after the nurses made her take off her beloved princess nightgown. 
She was not fond of the peach scrubs they gave her. 

Lots of neck hugs for mommy before they took her to the OR.

Thank goodness she found a nurse she really liked and went
willingly into the operating room.  That made me feel a little better,
although I cried like a baby when they took her from me. 

In the recovery room.  I couldn't believe all the tubes
and wires that were connected to her.  She really
hated having those cuffs on her arms. 

She was so brave. 

Saturday morning in her crib at Riley.  She slept really
well Friday night, probably because she was so drugged
and loopy.  I stayed with her in her crib for 12 1/2 hours.
She wanted to cuddle and be close the entire time we were there.

Her first bite of food - her favorite
Chocolate No-whats (donuts)!

Makenzie and Mauw

Makenzie and Grandmother

Taking her first walk since surgery around the
2B post-surgery wing.

Enjoying some Sprite and getting ready to watch the Colts game
with mommy on Saturday night.

Doing a puzzle and sitting with her
Hello Kitty big sister Caroline got her. 

Cruising around her room.

Getting her IV taken out while sleeping.

Going home, finally.

Makenzie stayed at Riley until Sunday afternoon at 1pm.  She had to go home with a catheter and two stints coming from her bladder.  She is recovering at home and doing very well.  We are happy to have our happy, heathly little girl back home with us. 

Thank you all so much for your phone calls, emails, cards and dinners during Makenzie's surgery and recovery.  You all don't know how much we all appreciate your prayers, thoughtfulness and love.  It will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Freshly Squeezed

Is there anything more yummy in the morning than freshly squeezed orange juice?  I don't think so.  Well, maybe a fresh hot Krispy Creme donut - yum-o.   (Sorry, I got sidetracked dreaming of donuts.)  We go through a can a day of orange juice in my house.  My husband and both daughters love orange juice, ALOT.  Recently we received a huge box of oranges from the dentist my mom works for - he sends them every year.  Thanks Dr. Hub!!!  There were a total of 24 oranges.  I'm talking a huge box.  I don't think we could of eaten 24 oranges before they wouldn't be good anymore so we made freshly squeezed orange juice.  Caroline was my big helper and loved using the juicer.  She is so strong, stronger than I thought for sure.  It takes some arm muscles to squeeze 48 orange halves.

So Strong...

Getting a little tired....

My other big helper...

Can't have any pulp in there, no mam!

Finished product!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(please ignore the non-painted toes)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Upside Down

Roy and I took the girls to our local indoor playground/gymnastics center this weekend.  We had a lot of energy we needed to burn off from being couped up for 2 1/2 days.    They had a ball.  And I think the rest of our hometown felt the same way.  The place was packed.  Caroline had some new gymnastics moves she liked showing off. 

Step 1

Step 2


Kenzie played on the indoor plaground.

Caroline took a few turns on the slide.


She finally did it all by herself.

My crazy family.

Me & my girls!

Friday, January 8, 2010

If I was the mommy...

We had another snow day here in Indiana which meant no school for the girls.  I try my best to keep them occupied with things to do but today was a lazy day with lots of movies & down time.  Some days I just can't muster up the strength to play, play, play all day long.   I set the girls up in their camping tent in the living room with lots of fluffy pillows and blankets (this seems to be a reoccuring theme this week, doesn't it?) some oj and a cup of goldfish.  They were content to watch Monsters Inc. and I got some much needed work done around the house and with Mops. 

Here is one conversation I had with my oldest today...

"Mommy, can I have some more orange juice?"

"Not right now Caroline, it's getting too close to lunch.  Can you wait until then?"

"Please mommy, I want more orange juice now."

"Not right now.  You have to wait."

"If I was the mommy, I would give my kids orange juice and grape juice all day whenever they asked for it."

"You would, would you?  Well, I guess that makes you the best mommy in the world Caroline."

"The bestest mommy."

"Yep, the bestest.  But you still arent' getting any orange juice right now."

"Oh, alright then."

Fun times around here today. 

Roy brought home a PS2 game for he and Caroline to play this weekend.  It's been so funny to watch her learn how to use the controller and then tell Roy what to do. 

Caroline & Daddy playing Monsters Inc on the PS2.

Miss Kenzie in her purple leotard (I can't get her out of it) that she insists on wearing everyday, all day. 

She decided to use our Do-A-Dot markers on her face instead of the paper. 

It is supposed to be very cold here this weekend but the girls want to play outside in the snow with their daddy so bad.  I see a snowman in our future.  Stay tuned....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What a Fun Day in the Snow!!

The girls and I were invited to a friends house today for a playdate and because we were so blessed with tons and tons of snow, we decided to put on all of our snowgear and enjoy a nice brisk walk.   We put on the following... two layers of pants, long socks, turtlenecks and sweatshirts, snowpants, jackets, hats and gloves.  Oh ya and boots.   Geez... it took me 30 mintues just to get the girls ready.  Once they were all suited up they had to wait on mommy to get ready.  They were getting impatient so I opened the garage door so they could play in the driveway.  I looked out and they were gone.  I rushed out and there they were making snow angels in the frontyard.  Oh how cute it was. 



Caroline's snow angel. 
She was so funny.  She wanted me to pick her up
so there wouldn't be any footprints near her angel. 

They both insisted on helping me shovel the driveway.

Such a big helper!

All of our wet gear after being outside today. 

Time to warm up with some Hot Cocoa!