Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day #4

Hey guys,

Today was long and way too busy.  I have to get packed for my quick trip home to Muncie this weekend and get to bed before 5:30am arrives.  Here are some pictures from today.  Enjoy!!

Half Carnations and a white rose.

More roses.
I finally did it.  Yeah!!

Petunias and Lillys
(they are set in foil to get their shape)

Another type of rose.

The items in the tray are wild roses.

My elephant.
Isn't he just too cute.

My bunny and her arm less and leg less child.
(haven't had a chance to finsh yet)

My family of animals. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day #3

Today was not as intense as the past two days which was nice.  I seriously don't think my brain could hold anymore information.  We spent the morning practicing everything we learned from yesterday and then practiced a new border called a "Colonial Scroll" and the reverse version of that as well.  It is an old school border which looks totally hard, but I actually kind of mastered this one. Finally!  

The rest of the morning was spent learning how to fill, frost and torte a cake.  And then is was time to learn  how to assemble a tiered cake, along with dowel placement.  I am sure I am boring you to death with all of these details, but it is nice to kinda go back in my mind and review the day.  :)  After lunch we worked with a new icing called "Royal Icing".  This icing hardens fairly quickly and is a great tool to make certain types of flowers.  We were taught three type of "Drop Flowers" (these are not really flowers you find in a garden, they are made up), Sweet Peas and Rosebuds. 

Today was surprisingly relaxing but now I am starting to worry about my 3-tiered cake design I have to submit tomorrow.  We are going to actually be graded on the techinques we are learning and will receive a diploma/certificate from Wilton if we pass.  Please say a prayer for me.  I'll let you know tomorrow what I decide. 

My evening gum paste class was really fun tonight.  We completed our roses and it was so awesome to see it come together.  I think I could really get into this.  It can be a little time consuming but so worth it.  The final product is too awesome. 

Here are pictures from today.

The Reverse Colonial Scroll

The Colonial Scroll

Sweet Peas
(sorry it is blurry)

Sweet Peas & Rosebuds

Drop Flowers

More Rosebuds

The beginning of the rose.
We started with the base on Monday.
Today we added the center and then three rose pedals.

Then we added 5 more pedals.

All done with the addition of 7 more pedals.
(the one on the left)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day #2

Wow, what a day.  I am not as exhausted today but I am feeling a little sore.  Sore you ask?  How could someone who is spending their days playing with icing and cake be sore?  I bet I got up out of my chair 50-60 times, and I am trying my best to sit up straight.  That is killing me.  My feet hurt too, but I have new tennis shoes to make it better. 

Today we did some more borders, with a lot of string work.  String work is delicate strands of icing that fall on the cake.  It looks easy, but let me tell you, I am going to have to practice, practice, practice.  Once I think I have it down, Sandy tells me..."Ooops, better work on this bit here".   My favorite thing we did today was the basketweave.  This is another one I thought looked difficult, but it is really easy.  All of us seem to be having issues with the "Shell" border.  The shell is used a lot in many different ways.  My hope is to master this by the end of the week. 

Tonight I attended a fondant figure class.  We covered a round cake board in green fondant, split it into three seperate sections, and then put some embelishments on two of the sections.  One will be a farm yard, another the beach, and then a grassy area.  After this we made a monkey and a lion.  This was so, so fun.  It was like playing with play-doh, only for big kids. 

Check out today's pictures.  And again, thanks for keeping up with me.  I miss you all!

Reverse Shell
Still a work in progress.

Basketweave #1

Basketweave #2

Rope Border

String work

Chandelier Scroll Border

Zigzag Ruffle Garland

Ruffled Garland
(I didn't do this one - the teacher did)

Here is my monkey with a missing arm. :)

There he is with a tail and fuzzy hair.
Still no arm...

My fierce lion.

He went to the beauty shop.
Isn't he just so cute?

Day #1

Well, day #1 is in the books.  I managed to pay attention for 12 hours on just 4 hours of sleep.  I just could not sleep last night.  I guess the antipication of today was getting to me.  Plus, I miss my hubby and the girls.  I only talked to them, I think, maybe 3 times today.  If I haven't said it yet, I miss them sooooo much.

Today was absolutely great.  There are about 18 women in class with me.  More than half are from different countries around the world.  We have some from Korea, Spain, South Africa and the Canary Islands.  Wow!   How awesome that these women have traveled so far to reach their dreams. 

We covered quite a bit today such as, making boiled icing (interesting, but I think I like it) and 8 different borders.  Or there might have been more, not sure.  I thought at one point my head was going to explode from information overload.  Below I have posted pictures of everything we did today. 

Wilton offers supplemental courses during the time the Masters Course is going on.  I signed up previously for "Fondant Figures" and "How to start your own business".  Today the opportunity came up for me to take a 4-night "Intro to Gum Paste" course.  I am so, so excited about this.   I can now make (of course, with more practice) all kinds of different flowers for wedding cakes, etc.. Pictures are posted below.

Thanks for checking out my blog and keeping up with my day to day activities.

This is an "e" motion border.

Lines, vines, and rosettes.
(still need some practice on this one)

Shell border with a flute.

Cornellie Lace

Bead border
(made to look like pearls)

Shell, bead and cornelli lace

Intro to Gum Paste Class
Rose centers and the centers of a Cala Lilly

The middle of a daisy, coated in yellow sugar.

Leaves for our roses.

Smaller leaves.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Let the dream begin

Well, I made it safely to Chicago today.  It took me a little over 4 hours to get here.  Let me tell ya, either I drive like an old woman or they have given out  special licenses for people to drive like Maniacs.  I was getting passed left and right.  I just kept saying to myself... I'll waive to ya when you get pulled over. 

Anyway... I have checked into my hotel, found a grocery near by to get some essentials for the week, a Kohl's (gotta have a Kohl's near me or I just don't feel right) and bought some new tennis shoes, found out where my classes will be,  and now here I am, without my girls or my husband.  I am missing my girls so much already I can't stand it.  Sad I know, but they are like an extra limb to me.  Always at my side.  I know we all will get through this time apart and the girls will have fun with all of their friends and their grandparents.  As for me, I will try my best to make this dream a reality this week.  Hopefully,  I will grasp all that is taught and finaly master that Wilton rose!!

My goal is to update my blog every evening after class is over.  Stay tuned...there is a lot more "Icing on the Cake" to come. 

Love ya all!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Six years together.
Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband, Roy.
My life is so fulfilled because of you.
Thank you for your never ending love and support.
But mostly, thank you for our two precious girls.
I can't imagine my life without you guys.
Love you more!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Someone's in the kitchen...

I was pleasantly surrprised today with a most wonderful gift from my mama.  As many of you know, I head out on Sunday for two weeks to attend a masters cake decorating course in Chicago.  The only things that we are required to bring are the following - comfortable shoes, notebook and pen and these....

Apron #1
Purple with pretty yellow flowers and
a gorgeous purple flower pin.

Apron #2
Pink and white floral with a pink bow.

Apron #3
Green polka dot with multi-colored polka dot pockets
and an awesome "Go Green" pin.

Apron #4
Probably my favorite.
Yellow floral pattern with buttons from
my grandmother's sewing days.

Apron #5
This one looks like a cute sun dress. 
I love the color of blue and the pattern.

I love, love these aprons.  They are so adorable and I love that
 my mama made them just for me.
She told me she took them into her work one day to show her co-workers and a patient saw it and ordered one there on the spot. I have been telling my mom for years she could sell anything she makes.  She is an amazing seamstress.  Thank you so much mom.  I will treasure these forever.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I can't believe this is happening

Here is Caroline posing with her brand new backpack.
She starts kindergarten in just a little over 4 weeks. 
It makes me so sad, but so happy at the same time.
Everyday it gets closer, Caroline reminds me of how big she is getting.
She just seems more mature to me (she still has her moments) and is
 playing well with her sister.
They have seemed to gained a better appreciation for eachother
 this summer, which I love.
Caroline even changes Makenzie's diapers.  Yep, you read that right.  She changes diapers.  Love it!!

You are growing up so fast Caroline.  Can you do mommy a favor please? 
Slow down.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Name

Hello all... it's been quite awhile since I have posted to my blog.   I love this time of year, the hot summer days for swimming and eating slushies, sweet corn, spending time with family and friends and all of the kids numerous activities.  But all of this can leave a mom pretty tired.  Isn't it funny, we shouldn't be tired, the kids should be.  Oh no, not mine.  They keep going and going like little Energizer Bunnies.  They are sleeping peacefully in their beds right now and mommy actually has time to read a few blogs and to update her own blog. 

As you have noticed, I made a little name change.  The name change has two meanings for me.  First of all, being the mama to two beautiful girls is definitely THE ICING ON THE CAKE.  And secondly, I leave soon for my two week Master's Course at Wilton's Decorating School.  I am going to be buried in icing, learing all kind of techniques to decorate cakes.  I have always liked to bake and only dreamed of owning my own bakery.  With the support of my wonderful husband, hopefully this dream will become a reality.  Of course, right now, it's only baby steps to my dream.  Baby steps to big dreams, right?

So... I hope you will keep returning to my blog to see the every day life of a stay-at-home mom to two crazy girls and see some of my cake creations. 

Many Blessings to all of you.