Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chuck E Cheese Fun

Let me just say first off, not really a big fan of the Chuck E Cheese establishment.
Had a bad experience there a few years back with my nephew and swore I would
never take my own kids there.  As of today, my girls have only been twice. 
Everytime we drive by I hear this..."Mommy when can we go back to Chuck E. Cheese?"
And I say..."Maybe on a rainy day."

No rainy day, but a great opportunity to help a local preschool raise some money.

We were invited by a friend and neighbor to join her and her two children for a
fun night of pizza, Chuck E. and lots and lots of games AND tickets. 
Riding the merry-go-round.

Hi Mom!

Mr. Cavin was checking everything out.

The girls spent probably half an hour on this game.
They loved it.

Riding with Chuck E.

Look at all these tickets - wow!

We ended up with 1850 tickets all together.
Jamie and I found a ski ball machine that was malfuncting and
we were able to rack up the tickets.
Ha Ha!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pretty Girls

Here are the girls with their Aunt Carla who
got married this past Sunday.  
This was the first wedding for both the girls to attend.
Caroline loved the wedding (Kenzie not so much) and they both
had a blast at the reception dancing with their cousins.

And of course, they loved the cake.
I didn't make it, but I have to tell you.
One of the best cakes I ever put in mouth.